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Thank You to Our Featured Companies

Our team at Airlift Hope of America would like to give a BIG Thank You to our Featured Businesses. We wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do in supporting those in need without the support of the following organizations. We are proud of the friendship and business connections that we have established and are thankful for all of the expanded services that we are now able to offer with their help and support for a worthy cause.

Airlift Hope of America works one on one with businesses across the country bringing their support directly to our cause. Please take a moment to visit this page and see the various levels of sponsorships.

Christine Kroetsch photo
Christine Kroetsch
Director of Finance
Stephanie Bollmann photo
Stephanie Bollmann
Director of Operations
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Childrens Angel Airlines
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Are You A Business Owner? Would You Be Willing To Help Us Help Others?

Airlift Hope of America wants to assure we give back to those businesses supporting those in need. Please select from one of the following programs below.
$500.00 With a one-time $500.00 Donation we will list the name of your company and its contact information.
$1,000.00 With a one-time $1,000.00 Donation we will publish your logo under the Featured Business page on Airlift Hope of America.
$2,500.00 With a one-time $2,500.00 Donation we will publish your logo and business information under the Featured Business section as well as display your business on the home page rotator for greater visibility.
$5,000.00 For those businesses that are donating $5,000.00 or more Airlift Hope of America will build a separate website page on this website and add your logo and business information to the Featured Business page and your logo highlighted on the home page.