Volunteer Pilots associated with Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic have provided services to thousands of non-critically ill people for more than 30 years with a spotless safety record. The principal objective in any flight is safety. Each pilot will make his/her own “go/no go” decision, without pressure from Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic, as he/she is the best judge as to the status of the aircraft, weather, his/her physical condition and training and proficiency.

The following safety related material has received the Seal of Approval from pilots throughout the volunteer pilot network. We encourage you to review these routinely and to share your real stories.

Volunteer Pilot Safety Manual – you can either view the PDF file or save to your computer. To view it, simply click the link. To save to your computer, right click on the link and then select “Save As” and save the file to your computer.

Online Safety Courses – AOPA offers many online courses free of charge. Click on the link and spend some time brushing up on your skills.

Safety Management System (SMS) – Review our SMS and share best practices with our Safety Director Mr. Steve Craven.  Email:

Non-punitve Reporting Policy

A major part of our SMS is the non-punitive reporting policy—our very own NASA ASRS report if you will. The FAA considers this to be a critical element to any SMS. By allowing pilots to anonymously report unsafe situations or potentially unsafe actions, the FAA believes that valuable lessons can be learned, upon which the SMS can be updated and made more relevant to a particular aviation group or operation.

The report is being maintained by CR Aviation Data. They will sanitize the report as to any possible reference to the sender, then pass it on to me and Jim Smith.  We will never know the pilot(s) involved.

Go to, and click on Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic (left-hand column). The report can be downloaded and mailed or sent electronically. Please utilize this resource as it will provide us with valuable information.

Real Stories from Real Pilots

Unfortunate Events – read an article written by one of our pilots.